Evening Song David Featherstone Requiem Recording

Friends and family of Evening Song,

The Evening Song Committee came to a unanimous decision regarding the time line for beginning rehearsals (early August 2016), recording date in late October / early November so the CD could be ready for Christmas this year.  Putting everything together this Spring was too soon to be properly prepared.  With this as our goal a performance of the Requiem combined with movements from “Testament” along with other choral pieces and solos would make for a wonderful evening of music with an intermission in the Spring of 2017.

Specific dates will be worked out with plenty of time for those that wish to participate to make it fit their schedules.  Rehearsal CD’s with the recorded orchestra and click track will be available for each vocal part so singers will be familiar with the accompaniment for recording.  Those that have not been involved with this system of recording will need to have an FM radio with earbuds to hear the accompaniment while recording.

Auditions will be held to find and then place voices.  The emphasis will be on quality of singers not quantity.  In recording we can always stack voices to get the numbers for the sound.

If you wish to be included in the project or wish to be removed from the list please reply to this post so we can respond accordingly.

I have attached the vocal score and MP3 for the Sanctus for you to check out.

All my best,

David Featherstone

Sanctus MP3 


If any issues getting the score and MP3, please contact Julianne Prudhomme at julierpu29@gmail.com.  If you wish to have more information regarding the Requiem and the recording, please contact either David Featherstone at dfeatherstone@sbcglobal.net or contact Julianne Prudhomme via email (given above).