Dear Friends of Evening Song


Dear Friend of Evening Song:

“Music is the shorthand of emotion” - Leo Tolstoy

Thank you so much for your support over the years of Evening Song – both in your gifts of time and treasure.  We hope you will join us at one of our spring 2011 concerts: 


A Celebration of Light


     Thursday, April 28th 7:30 pm                                                  Sunday May 1st, 7:00 pm

     Oak Lawn United Methodist Church                                           Wilshire Baptist Church

     3014 Oak Lawn Avenue, Dallas TX                                           4316 Abrams Road, Dallas TX

Prayer, text by Mother Theresa of Calcutta, O Light of Life! by Mack Wilburg and We Beheld Once Again the Stars by Z. Randall Stroope is just a sampling of the music we hope will inspire you.  We will also perform a number of pieces composed and arranged by our Artistic Director, David Featherstone. 


We would also like to invite you to our second annual Evening Song Patron Appreciation event -an evening of food, fellowship and music with Evening Song members performing special musical numbers in an intimate setting.  Please RSVP to Tori Hobbs at or 650-336-4939 if you wish to attend. 


“A Little Night Music”

Saturday, May 7th 7:00 pm

   Home of Guy & Connie Smith
9620 Mill Hollow Drive, Dallas TX 75243


As you know, Evening Song has no paid staff and the artists volunteer their time and talents.  As concerts are free, expenses such as our accompanist and musicians are paid by the members or with contributions from generous supporters like yourselves.  You may give through our secure web site  or by mailing your donation to Evening Song Inc., 10005 Lakemere Dr., Dallas, TX 75238.  Please consider a gift today.  If giving a gift is not possible at this time, please still send us your updated contact information to  We'd love to keep in touch regarding future Evening Song events.


Thank you and we hope to see you this spring. 




Julianne Prudhomme



"Evening Song’s choral sound is distinctly pure. Intonation and diction are unified in such a way that the sound leaps into the room. Choral enthusiasts are so unused to this attention to detail that it takes the listener by surprise. Add to the mix a broad palette of choral styles, and an evening with Evening Song is an evening to treasure.” --Rev Nicki Lyford, Minister of Music and Worship, Lake Highlands United Methodist Church.