Evening Song Contact Database Update

Dear Members, Past Members and Supporters,

Evening Song is in the process of updating our contact database and need new or changed addresses and email addresses from our past members who in our hearts are still a part of us, once a member ALWAYS a member, and our most appreciated supporters.  If you have moved in the past 10 years, please send us your new mailing address and if you have changed your email address or would like to have us send our Newsletters to a different or additional email address, please send that information to information@eveningsong.com.


ONE, we are looking for a volunteer group photographer and videographer to take photos of us performing at our various concerts and who can video our performances.  The photos and videos will be posted on our website, YouTube, and our Facebook Fan page.  They will also be added to our archives for the future.

TWO, we are seeking photos from our past members that were taken of past performances and tours.  If you are a past member of Evening Song choir and have photos of any of our past performances and/or tours, please forward those to us either by scanning to a jpg file and emailing them to information@eveningsong.com or scan and save as a jpg file and put them on a disk and send them to Evening Song Choir, 10005 Lakemere Dr., Dallas, TX 75238.

Thank you all for your assistance in these requests.

Julianne Prudhomme
Evening Song Choir

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