Evening Song Board and Committees for 2009 - 2011

Evening Song would like to introduce to you our 2009 - 2011 Executive Board and Commitee Chairs.   We appreciate their time and commitment to Evening Song.

BOARD: 09/09 – 5/11 – Two Year Term


PRESIDENT: Julie Prudhomme



VP – MARKETING: Sheri Guess





VP – MEMBERSHIP: Debora Cannon





SECRETARY: Windy Wolcott





TREASURER: Mark Blackhurst, Larry West-Taxes






COMMITTEES: 09/09 – 5/10 – One Year Term


       Publicity Chair: Susan Mathews

       Sub Committee
                 Posters: Sara Michels

       Programs: Carma Woolstenhulme 
   Fundraising Chair:

       Sub Committee:

               Patron Recruitment & Mgmt: Steve Eccles 

   Tour Coordinator:Carma Woolstenhulme

              Sub Committee: Jim Brown & Jan Paulson


Server: Chris Hathaway, Sam Anderson

Website: Stuart Nibbelin





    Section Leaders: 
        Soprano: Jenny Parkinson

        Alto: Carma Woolstenhulme

        Tenor: Jan Paulson

        Bass: Jim Brown

    Wardrobe Specialists: 
        Women- Tina Felton

        Men- Larry West

    Recruiting Coordinator/s:



            Sub Committee: Randy Garrison, Helen Williams

    Historian: Deanna Jones



MISC – Under the direction of Dave:


      Associate Director: Stephanie Nguyen 

              Librarian: Debby Crider

          Assistant Librarian: Cody Crider 
             Equipment Specialist: Tony McCoy

     Accompanist: Jennifer Westover

We congratulate all our elected officials and we are looking forward to a great 2009 - 2010 season.

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