Last Call for Nominees for Evening Song 2009 - 2011 Board and Committee Chairs

March 26th is the night that Evening Song will vote for our new Board and New Committee Chair positions who can be held by ES members or non-musicians, past members or Patrons. If you are interested in running for a post, please come to rehearsal Thursday, March 26th at 7:00pm. Also, please email at either or to let us know which position you would like to run for.


Board Member Terms are 2 year terms and Committee Chair and Sub-committees are a 1 year term. The following are all the positions available and discriptions of what the positions require. Board meets at least 2 times a month and Committee and Sub-Committees meet about once a month. Please prayerfully consider what business talents you may have or what you can do to take part in the success of Evening Song.



Evening Song Board and Committees for 2009-2011


BOARD: 09/09 – 8/11 – Two Year Term











COMMITTEES: 09/09 – 8/10 – One Year Term



Publicity Chair:

Sub Committee



Fundraising Chair:

Sub Committee:


Patron Recruitment & Mgmt:

Tour Coordinator:

Sub Committee:


Server: Chris Hathaway & Sam Anderson




Section Leaders: Soprano – Jenny Parkinson

Alto – Carma Woolstenhulme

Tenor – Jan Paulson

Bass – Jim Brown

Wardrobe Specialists:



Recruiting Coordinator/s:




Sub Committee


Historian: Deanna Jones



MISC – Under the direction of Dave Featherstone:

Associate Director: Stephanie Nguyen

Librarian: Debby Crider

Assistant Librarian: Cody Crider

Equipment Specialist:

Accompanist: Jennifer Westover


President (Executive Member)


· Executive management/administration of organization


· Charter/policy


· Budget


· Member communications


· Organizational meetings


· Rehearsal conducting


Vice President - Marketing (Executive Member - reports to President)


· Back-up duties of President


· Performance scheduling & recruiting


· Public relations (press releases, etc.)


· Concert programs


· Advertising


· Choir spokesperson


Vice President - Membership (Executive Member - reports to President)


· Member recruiting


· Auditions


· Management of section leaders


· Member socials


· Membership records/choir roster


Secretary/Assistant Treasurer (Executive member - reports to President)


· Receipt of dues & other member income


· Assists with financial records


· Meeting minutes


· General records


· Other duties assigned by the President


Publicity Chairperson (reports Vice President-Marketing)


· Assists Vice President-Marketing with any assigned duties


· Seeks and schedules venues


· Creates and proofs all audiovisual ads


· Create and keep updated flyers, posters and programs


· Maintain correspondence with fans through a website database and postcards


· Oversee and assigns duties of a sub-committee comprising of 2-3 ES members


Fundraising Chairperson (reports to Vice President-Marketing)


· Corporate sponsorship recruiting


· Fundraising promotion


· Tax issues


· Grants


· Coordinate efforts with Publicity committee


· Product distribution


Tour Coordinator (reports to Vice President-Marketing)


· Tour selection & organization of out-of-town venues (including lodging, transportation)


· Create estimated budgets for tours


· Create itineraries for each tour


· Oversee a sub-committee comprising of 2-3 ES members


Section Leaders (report to VP-Membership)


· Comprises one ES member from each section


· Responsible for sectional rehearsals


· Section attendance records


· Policy enforcement/first-line resolution of member issues


Wardrobe Coordinators (reports to VP-Membership)


· New member outfitting


· Maintenance of choir-owned accessories


Assistant to the Director (reports to Artistic Director)


· Final selection of members


· Rehearsal and performance direction in the absence of the AD


· Assist with music selection


· Member communications w/President


· Attend organization meetings when needed


· Conduct rehearsals in the absence of the AD


Librarian (reports to Artistic Director)


· Music library


· Member of music selection committee


Tracks any music library dues and coordinates monies received/due with Assistant Treasurer


Please let us know if you wish to put your name on the ballots. We will be voting on Thursday, March 26, 2009. If you are a patron, past member or family of a choir member, please give us a little background and why you think you would be good for the position you seek. If you have any questions, please contact or