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(YouTube link to see the score and hear the orchestration)
David Featherstone and Evening Song are seeking 35 to 45 Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass voices to record a new full-length Requiem written by Artistic Director David Featherstone.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
9509 Midway Road, Dallas, TX 75220




Email: dfeatherstone@sbcglobal.net
Cell: 214-213-9829

7:00PM - 9:00PM

Wilshire Baptist Church
4316 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX 75214



	1)  Good intonation—singing in tune.
	2)  Good blend.
	3)  Little or no vibrato.  Choral vibrato, not solo vibrato.
	4)  Be able to learn notes at home from either provided rehearsal CD or piano so you can come prepared to finish the piece, ergo, sight-singing is helpful but not mandatory.  You will know in advance what to learn for the next rehearsal.1canadianxpills.com buy cheap Prednisone online cheap
	5)  If you can’t be there for all the rehearsals then don’t sign up.  This isn’t church choir.  We only have 6 rehearsals.
	6)  If you have the ability to work with the 2 tunes in the audition materials on the Eveningsong.com website starting at a pitch that fits your voice and sing the notes and rhythms a cappella with accuracy, you will have what it takes to sing with us. 
	7)  I will need to hear your voice to know where you fit in a timber scheme.  This will be done in a quick one on one session for those I have not worked with in the past.  Then there will be a sectional listening for placement.


Rehearsals will be on Tuesday nights from 7 – 9pm in the Choir Suite at Wilshire Baptist Church, 4316 Abrams Rd, Dallas, TX 75214.  We will begin on August 2nd, rehearse for 6 weeks, and record on the 13th of September.

We will provide the music and a rehearsal CD for your part, or you can download MP3’s if you prefer.  You will provide a 3 ring binder, pencil, and an FM radio with ear buds to use for the recording.  The rehearsal pieces will include the orchestra so you will be familiar with the accompaniment as you record.  I will use an FM transmitter to send the cue to your radio.  This will keep the chorus separate from the orchestra in the mix.

My contact information:  
     Email: dfeatherstone@sbcglobal.net  
     Cell no. 214-213-9829.

Last of all I need to emphasize that this is a recording project, not a performance, so getting it right is a must.  Therefore, we need singers that are serious about being at rehearsals and preparing their music.  While performances are very forgiving, microphones catch everything without mercy.

David Featherstone

Evening Song David Featherstone Requiem Recording Links

Dear Friends and Patrons

I do sincerely apologize for the links to the Sanctus MP3 and Sanctus score did not work.  That has been remedied and you can now access the links on www.eveningsong.com/news.  I also have them included in this email.

Sanctus MP3

Sanctus Score

I hope you will be able to join us.  Please contact either David Featherstone at dfeatherstone@sbcglobal.net or Julianne Prudhomme at juliepru29@gmail.com .

Thank you again for your support!

Evening Song David Featherstone Requiem Recording

Friends and family of Evening Song,

The Evening Song Committee came to a unanimous decision regarding the time line for beginning rehearsals (early August 2016), recording date in late October / early November so the CD could be ready for Christmas this year.  Putting everything together this Spring was too soon to be properly prepared.  With this as our goal a performance of the Requiem combined with movements from “Testament” along with other choral pieces and solos would make for a wonderful evening of music with an intermission in the Spring of 2017.

Specific dates will be worked out with plenty of time for those that wish to participate to make it fit their schedules.  Rehearsal CD’s with the recorded orchestra and click track will be available for each vocal part so singers will be familiar with the accompaniment for recording.  Those that have not been involved with this system of recording will need to have an FM radio with earbuds to hear the accompaniment while recording.

Auditions will be held to find and then place voices.  The emphasis will be on quality of singers not quantity.  In recording we can always stack voices to get the numbers for the sound.

If you wish to be included in the project or wish to be removed from the list please reply to this post so we can respond accordingly.

I have attached the vocal score and MP3 for the Sanctus for you to check out.

All my best,

David Featherstone

Sanctus MP3 


If any issues getting the score and MP3, please contact Julianne Prudhomme at julierpu29@gmail.com.  If you wish to have more information regarding the Requiem and the recording, please contact either David Featherstone at dfeatherstone@sbcglobal.net or contact Julianne Prudhomme via email (given above).


Dear Members Past and Present, Patrons and Friends of Evening Song.

HE HAS DONE IT AGAIN!!!.  During this time of hiatus our Artistic Director David Featherstone has been hard at work composing his new dream....a Requiem and it is COMPLETED.

To complete this dream, as we did with "Testament," Dave would like to record his Requiem and then introduce it to the public via a concert in the Fall of 2016 or Spring of 2017.  Dave leaves November 9th for Indiana to record the orchestration and the plan is to start rehearsals for the choral recording just after the first of the year in January 2016.  The recording will then take place in late April with the goal to have it recorded, mixed and ready to release August 1, 2016 and use it as a springboard for a concert introducing the Requiem in the Fall of 2016 or Spring of 2017.

In order for this Dream to become a reality, we will need some singers.....LOTS of singers.  The dream would be a choir of 80 to100 singers for both the recording and especially for the concert.  So with that being said, we are calling all members past and present to join us to make Dave's Dream a reality.

If interested, please contact me or David Featherstone via emails at juliepru29@gmail.com and/or dfeatherstone@sbcglobal.net and with these contacts we will put together an email roster of those interested in participating.  Not a singer, not a problem, we will have lots to do behind the scenes and will need help executing Dave's plan.  Also, put the word out to other singers, church choirs, etc. and let them know of this new and exciting opportunity to bring to life a new major choral work.

I will keep this newsletter list abreast of any and all new developments as it comes available to me.  I hope this newsletter finds you all well and I look forward to hearing from you!

Julianne Prudhomme
Past President
Evening Song Choir

Evening Song Invites You to Our Christmas Season

Join us for one or all of our Christmas season performances.

Thursday, December 8th - 7:00pm
Wilshire Baptist Chruch
4316 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX
Saturday, December 10th - 7:00pm
Ridgewood Park United Methodist Chuch
6445 E Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX
Thursday, December 15th - 7:00pm
Oak Lawn United Methodist Church
3014 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX

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Evening Song is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization


Evening Song Invites You

Evening Song Invites you to join us for one of our Christmas Concerts!

Thursday, December 8th - 7:00pm
Wilshire Baptist Chruch
4316 Abrams Road, Dallas, TX
Saturday, December 10th - 7:00pm
Ridgewood Park United Methodist Chuch
6445 E Lovers Lane, Dallas, TX
Thursday, December 15th - 7:00pm
Oak Lawn United Methodist Church
3014 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX

Admission is Free

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Evening Song is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization

Evening Song 2011 - 2012 Season Auditions

Audition Announcement

Come expand your talent!

Come share your love for uplifting music.

Come sing with Evening Song!

Auditions for the 2011-2012 season will be held

August 18, and August 25, 2011

We are preparing for our 2011 – 2012 performance season, particularly our summer 2012 European tour, and have need of all voice parts, particularly male voices.

To schedule an audition today,

email membership@eveningsong.com

or contact Darrell Fletcher at 972-596-2311

For more information about the audition itself, go to the Get Involved page in our website


Evening Song Tour to Vienna, Prague & Budapest Summer 2012

Evening Song Chorale

Classical Budapest, Prague, and Vienna Performance Tour

Proposed Itinerary

Monday, June 11 – Tuesday, June 22, 2012

Come join us as we make our plans to visit these musically historic places.  If you are interested in joining us as a singer or non-singer, please contact us at information@eveningsong.com

Full trip packets are expected in July with information on price per person, payment plan, etc.  Watch for more information as it developes either on our website at www.eveningsong.com, on our Facebook Fan page or we will keep you posted right here on the Evening News newsletter. 

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Evening Song is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization

Evening Song Introduces it 2011 - 2013 Executive Board

President Deborah Cannon
VP Marketing Tori Hobbs
VP Fundraising Kelley Durrant
VP Membership Darrell Fletcher
Treasurer Mark Blackhurst
Secretary Evelyn Green
Tour Coordinator Kellyann Poole
Socials Coordinator Paula Malone

We thank you all for your support and commitment to Evening Song Choir and look forward to another great season in 2011-2012

Have you ever asked yourself, “Are there other things I can do for Evening Song besides sing?”  The answer is ABSOLUTELY.  Evening Song welcomes all friends, family, supporters and volunteers to join a committee and help with a variety of tasks such as: poster design, program design, PR writings, advertising, posting announcements, concert photographer and videographer, administrative duties such as printing, mass emailing and mailings, organizing receptions for our concerts and Patron Appreciation Reception, fundraisers and other ES social events, equipment handling and setup at concerts and recording sessions and much, much more.


If you have a desire to share your administrative gifts and talents to help Evening Song in the many behind the scenes activities and responsibilities, contact us at information@eveningsong.com.  Please contact us if you have any questions.  Join us now and take part in our tour in and around Vienna, Austria being planned for summer 2012.


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Evening Song is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 organization


Evening Song Invites You to " A Little Night Music "

In appreciation of your support of Evening Song
we invite you to join us for

“A Little Night Music”
an evening of entertainment and fellowship

Saturday, May 7th 7:00 pm
  Home of Guy & Connie Smith
9620 Mill Hollow Drive, Dallas TX 75243
light fare will be served
please RSVP to Tori Hobbs
650-336-4939 or  torihobbs@hotmail.com

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